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Live Plants

Live plugs and quarts are available on a wholesale or contract grown basis. Pure Air Natives propagates most of its stock into the GT-38 sized plug.

Plugs offer several advantages:

  • An economical alternative to larger plant sizes resulting in up to 50% savings on material and installation costs
  • Availability of species not common in traditional horticulture greenhouses
  • Vigorously developed root systems ready for transplanting into difficult growing conditions
  • Quarts and gallon sizes of common species are also available

Custom Restoration Seed Mixes

Pure Air Natives delivers quality seed designed to support a wide range of applications and budgetary needs.

  • Ecological restoration of prairie, savanna, glade, and woodland plant communities
  • Erosion Control to stabilize soils, filter sediment, and reduce maintenance in difficult locations
  • Specialized seed mixes designed to be used in green infrastructure such as raingardens, dry detention basins, bioswales, and buffers

Food Plot Seed Mixes

Custom habitat and nutrient management

  • Game managers know that the quality of an animal is a reflection of its habitat
  • Our custom seed mixes address both conservation and quality wildlife needs
  • Prairie and Savanna plant communities provide a balanced combination of cover and nutrition

CRP Seed Mixes

Pure Air Natives has been delivering high-quality Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) seed mixes for over 15 years. Our staff is current on program requirements and guidelines.

We offer mixes that follow industry guidelines including:

  • Missouri Yellow Tag
  • Missouri and Adjacent States
  • Source Identified Seed