Great Breeds For People Who Want Small Dogs

Great Breeds For People Who Want Small Dogs

Small Dogs, Lots of Love

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Pure Live Seed (PLS) - Pure live seed is a measure describing the percentage of a quantity of seed that will germinate. It is a way to standardize quality so the purchaser can compare the quality and value of different lots of seed. One lot may be cheaper, but may not have as high a PLS as another lot, and so therefore may not be a better deal financially because it would have fewer seeds that would actually germinate.

Source Identified Seed (Yellow Tag)- The Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) has an approved seed certification class for native seed collection called the “Source Identified Class.” Seed that was harvested following approved guidelines for this seed class will receive a YELLOW certified seed tag which verifies to the purchaser that the location of seed harvest was verified by the certifying agency.

Seed Testing and Labeling - Seed companies should include a clear label on each bag of seed that shows the results of purity and germination tests. The Association of Official Seed Analysts oversees these tests. Purity of the seed is the percentage of the labeled species by weight. The percentages of other crop, weed, and inert material should also be included. Finally, the label should show the percentage of the seed count that will germinate.

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