Pollinator Mix

$55.00 per PLS LB


Purple Coneflower

The exact species composition in the forb mixes will vary due to availability. Below are the species commonly used to build this seed mix. Your exact species mix will be listed on the packing slip.

Black-eyed Susan, False Sunflower, Showy Tick Trefoil, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Partridge Peas, Purple Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Rattlesnake Master, Sweet black-eyed Susan, Tickseed Sunflower, White Prairie Clover, Greyheaded Coneflower, Wild Bergamot, Foxglove Beardtongue, Aromatic Aster, Blue Wild Indigo, White Wild Indigo, Prairie Blazing Star, Great Blue Lobelia, Wild Quinine