Cover Crop – Wheat

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Use of a cover crop when establishing native graminoids and forbs is always recomonded. Generaly Pure Air recommends Oats in the Spring and Wheat in the Fall.

Seed Mix: Cover Crop – Wheat @ 50lbs/ Acre
Ozs./Acre: 800.00
Lbs./Acre: 50
Seeds/Sqft: 14.69
Wheat is typicaly used as a cover crop for restoration seeding projects when sown in the fall. Adjust rate of sowing as needed.
Type Botanical Name Common Name Seeds/Oz. Ozs./ Acre Seeds/Sqft
Grass Triticum aestivum Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat

800.00 800.00 14.69
Sub-total 800.00 14.69